European Steamed Beech Flooring

Beech flooring has characteristics of the Beech tree. Beech is pale to light brown. Beech has a closed straight grain and small flecks. Beech has fine uniform texture. Beech is harder than red oak. Stability is less than oak.


Select Beech flooring

Boards are clear with variation in tone. No knots, checking. A very light or pale floor.

Note: All flooring is milled in Warren, Maine by the Sampson family to your specifications and is packaged by order.

Face Widths

3” up to 8” select




ranges available, Beech usually averages between 6’ to 8’


Tongue and groove with back relief.
Endmatching option available.
Flooring can be ordered with endmatching (a tongue or groove at the end of board length).

Fun facts/ traditional uses

bobbins, toys, shoe heels

food distribution | a small creative cv writing and print | men sex toys